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Foshan HUIRUI New Materials Co., LTD., focusing on the research and development of resin quartz stone, inorganic (cement) quartz stone production process, equipment and products, providing complete sets of equipment, product development and surface treatment solutions. 

HUIRUI has a strong R & D production management team in the quartz stone industry, with 15 years of industry experience, headquartered in Foshan, China, with branches in India, Thailand, facing the world. After years of research and practice, combined with the international advanced quartz production experience, the production of low energy consumption, high efficiency, practical strong resin quartz production equipment and technology. At the same time, the inorganic(Cement) quartz  equipment and production process were successfully developed and put into use. With a strong technology and service team, to provide the most reasonable design solutions and process production outsourcing services for customers on the world.



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