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Inorganic stone additives
  • HUIRUI Inorganic stone additives cement-based artificial stone high efficiency, enhanced, anti-alkali additives.

  • Inorganic stone additives are mainly composed of toughness agent,setting agent and latex liquid. According to the inorganic quartz stone, terrazzo, etc., cement-based artificial stone slab performance of different requirements, can be used alone or in combination.


Product description:

Toughness agent

The toughness agent, used in cement-based artificial stone, has the following advantages: 

  • Significantly improve the compression and folding strength, especially the early strength; 

  • Reduce or eliminate the pan-alkali phenomenon; 

  • Improve the permeability resistance; 

  • Improve the durability of inorganic plates; 

  • Reduce the alkali and silicon reaction of the inorganic plate when curing; 

  • Enhance the ability to resist the chemical erosion of the plate;

Setting agent

It with cement, sand, water to form a high viscosity of the colloid, adhesion, fluidity and other characteristics, is the cement-based inorganic artificial stone special adhesive and coagulant agent;

For cement-based inorganic artificial stone, with the following characteristics:

  • Significantly improve the viscosity of the material;

  • Increase the fluidity of the material, is conducive to forming;

  • Improve the water retention ability of the material;

  • Form precipitation solidification at a certain temperature.


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