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Development status of stone processing machinery in the world in 2010

Release time:2023-03-01 17:20:21

China will grow into a powerful stone processing equipment manufacturing country

Development status of stone processing machinery in the world in 2010

The development of the world stone processing industry always depends on the progress of tool technology, which is one of the characteristics of the stone industry. In the middle of the last century, the mechanized production and processing equipment for stone materials developed rapidly in Germany, France, Spain and other European countries, promoting the development of the stone processing industry. By the late 1980s, Italy had become a developed country in the world's stone machinery manufacturing industry by virtue of its cheap and high-quality advantages. Later, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Chinese Mainland in Asia also had many excellent stone equipment enterprises. Special stone machinery includes stone mining machinery, stone processing machinery, stone decoration machinery, stone maintenance machinery, stone processing tools, stone testing machinery, etc. So far, the whole line of stone processing equipment, tombstone processing equipment, and special-shaped processing equipment have achieved a considerable level of automation; The rapid popularization and application of stone machinery has played a vital role in the growth of China's stone industry as the world's largest production capacity country. The author believes that the development trend of stone processing machinery and equipment in the world in the future is mainly characterized by two aspects: first, the mechanical performance will develop towards high efficiency, high precision, high automation and low cost; Second, the focus of stone machinery industry will shift from Italy to China

At present, the most representative advanced stone processing equipment includes the following types

Granite slab production equipment: including large sand saw (up to 7000 mm wide), multi-strand wire rope bead saw, granite slab continuous mill, high-precision automatic bridge cutting machine, etc

Granite sheet production equipment: including large disc group saw (more than 50 saw blades), specification plate continuous mill, multi-knife cross cutting machine, multi-knife longitudinal cutting machine, edge grinding and chamfering line, automatic sorting and packaging line

Marble plate production equipment: including diamond high-speed sawing machine, marble plate continuous mill, high-precision automatic bridge cutting machine, etc

Marble sheet production equipment: high-speed two-way automatic cutting machine, thickness setting machine, specification plate continuous mill, transverse and longitudinal cutting machine, edge grinding and chamfering line, automatic sorting and packaging line, etc

Stone patching line: vertical patching line, horizontal patching line, etc

Other equipment: composite plate production line, artificial granite waste material pressing production line, artificial quartz plate pressing production line, etc

Application trend of high efficiency, high precision and low energy consumption technology

1. Low energy consumption and low carbon are the development direction requirements put forward by governments of all countries for the equipment manufacturing industry, and also the inevitable requirements for stone enterprises to reduce processing costs

2. High precision and high efficiency technology is the main way to achieve low loss. Granite plate sawing is developing towards bead sawing, with its advantages of high efficiency and high precision; With the improvement of the flatness of sawed plates, the stone plate mill has the conditions to develop towards the direction of large grinding disc diameter. The diameter of the continuous grinding disc is up to 600mm, and the diameter of the granite grinding disc is up to 540mm, which has a good effect on energy conservation and consumption reduction

Application trend of automation technology

(Simple and repetitive labor realizes mechanization and automation, and automation equipment realizes computerization and foolization)

The application of automatic loading, unloading and transferring of stone workpieces, automatic detection technology in the processing process and stone processing equipment is an urgent need to liberate productivity and improve the quality of stone products. On the one hand, there is still a lot of simple and repetitive work in the stone processing industry, which requires stone equipment enterprises to develop more automation equipment to replace simple and repetitive work. On the other hand, the operation of existing automation equipment products is relatively complex, and a large number of parameters need to be set and adjusted manually, which makes it difficult for equipment operation training and the stability of stone product quality. Therefore, today's polishing line, glue filling line, profiled material processing center and other products with high degree of automation will continue to develop in the direction of fool machine

Modularization and standardization trend of stone processing machinery and equipment

1. Modularization of stone processing machinery and equipment industry. There are many kinds of stone equipment products, and the market demand varies greatly. It is difficult for equipment manufacturing enterprises to achieve a large and comprehensive level. Therefore, the market of the entire industry will increasingly reflect the pattern of differentiated development, and will grow into brand enterprises with their own advantages in a certain segment, such as sawing machines, polishing machines, bridge cutters, CNC machining centers, sheet line professional manufacturers, and even some special parts, such as grinding heads, mortar pumps Tensioners, etc. are also developed by professional manufacturers

2. Serialization and standardization of various products are the development direction. For example, the installation size of the grinding head of the mill, the specifications and dimensions of the pull rod, tensioner, saw blade, and waste truck of the saw machine will be unified and standardized. The Italian ACIMM failed to do this. I hope that the China Stone Machinery Professional Committee can promote the progress of this matter

3. Modular R&D management within professional manufacturers is an effective way to improve the speed of product innovation

Due to the short life cycle of stone equipment products and the large demand for personalized customization of products, the product innovation design puts forward relatively stable requirements for the interface of various functional components, and has great development space in terms of modular product structure. The enterprises implementing modular management will be in a favorable position in the competition, and the new equipment for stone processing that needs to be developed urgently

1. Research and development of granite plate sawing equipment. High-efficiency sawing equipment technology for granite plate instead of sand saw has been in the start-up stage. Some enterprises in Italy and France have carried out research on multi-wire bead saw for many years, but no breakthrough has been made so far. The key technology of the project is to solve the contradiction between the requirements of the shortest wire rope and the longest service life. The product under trial production is expected to be released publicly at the Verona Exhibition this year. Whether it is diamond beading, or circular saw or sand saw, there is a problem of high cost for cutting granite raw materials. It is always the goal of the stone processing industry to continue to research granite sawing equipment with a saw gap width of less than 5mm

2. Research on polishing plate surface treatment equipment technology. The microporous defects on the surface of the stone slab will affect the smoothness and antifouling performance of the polished surface. Due to the formula, the surface polishing quality of some artificial stone varieties is difficult to improve. The use of surface coating technology to effectively improve the antifouling, anti-skid, anti-scratch and other properties will be rapidly developed

3. Research on the technological equipment of marble sawing machine for cutting thin plates. The use of row saw machine to cut marble plates has the advantages of higher yield, higher flatness and lower energy consumption compared with circular saw. How to use the sawing machine to cut small size waste materials, how to use the sawing machine and other equipment to form an automatic production line of standard plates, which is one of the topics that need to be studied; If the circular saw is only used at a minimum, it will be a great achievement in energy saving and consumption reduction

4. Research on NC machining equipment for special-shaped stone. Although Europe has accumulated relatively advanced technology in this field, the market space for special-shaped stone processing equipment is still very large, especially for the variety of rough processing and grinding processing equipment. There is still a lot of expansion demand, and the level of product generalization and standardization needs to be improved

The research and development of quartz plate forming technology is in a rapid growth period

1. Artificial quartz board has become the development trend to replace some natural stone products. Because of its excellent physical properties and decorative properties, artificial quartz panels have been rapidly popularized in economically developed countries in recent years, with the United States, South Korea and Europe as the largest sales markets. The consumption habit of quartz plate is bound to expand to the world, and the quartz plate forming equipment has a huge market space.

2. There is still much room for technological progress in quartz plate forming equipment. Breton, Italy, is the main supplier of quartz plate production line, and has not yet formed a fierce competitive environment. For example, there is still room for improvement in efficient vibration pressing equipment technology, plate pattern cloth technology, efficient mixing technology, quartz plate special fixed thickness polishing line technology, etc

China will grow into a powerful stone processing equipment manufacturing country

1. In the past 30 years, China's stone equipment manufacturing industry has continuously introduced and learned advanced national technologies, and has initially formed a complete stone processing equipment manufacturing system. Italy also has a large number of advanced equipment and technology, such as automatic glue filling line, standard plate automatic processing and packaging production line, CNC CNC machining center and other technologies. This will be quickly digested and absorbed by Chinese enterprises, and the gap between China's stone equipment manufacturing technology and the international advanced level is rapidly narrowing

2. The research and development of new stone equipment projects in China has kept pace with the world. For example, the research and development of modern multi-strand wire saw, the research and development of large size marble sawing machine, the research and development of surface coating technology, the research and development of quartz plate pressing production line, etc., Chinese enterprises have already had a considerable number of new products in the test. Due to the stronger vitality of the Chinese market and faster economic development, these new projects are expected to be developed successfully ahead of foreign countries, and China's equipment manufacturing will also maintain its low-cost advantage for a long time, and the competitiveness of new products in the international market will be the strongest

3. Supporting industries have been well developed. In particular, the diamond tool industry, the transmission parts industry for stone machinery, and automation technology have strong supporting capabilities, which will be beneficial to the product innovation of complete machine manufacturing enterprises

4. China's stone processing market is huge and has a good development prospect, which provides conditions for rapid development for local equipment manufacturing enterprises

Installation and maintenance of natural decorative stone

Because decorative stone is a natural product, the pattern and color characteristics of each plate will not be consistent. The pattern and color must be gradually extended and transited through mosaic (color) to achieve the overall color harmony. After the flowers (colors) are assembled, they should be numbered immediately so that they can be installed in place according to the number. The number can be directly written on the surface of the stone by pasting a signature or using a wood crayon, but it is forbidden to use a liquid color pen to write a mark on the surface of the stone to prevent the colored liquid from penetrating into the stone and leaving an indelible mark

During installation, first coat the floor with clear water slurry, then use 1 ∶ 2.5 cement mortar as the bottom layer, tamp and level, and then pour clear cement slurry to paste the stone. The thickness of the cement mortar base course should be no less than 20 mm, and no one should walk or press heavy objects within 8 hours after paving the stone, so as to avoid empty shell or uneven. At the same time, it must be noted that some imported stones are pasted with plastic network on the back, and the sheet network must be removed before installation

It should be noted that although the floor and wall decoration materials of the bathroom can be selected from a variety of materials, there is one premise: waterproof. Moreover, sandstone stone can not be used, even if the surface waterproof is made, it should not be considered

After all the stone facing plates are positioned and fixed, they need to be repaired. Because there is always a flatness tolerance for a single stone facing plate, when combined into a plane, the joints must be uneven, so the leveling of the joints is an indispensable link in the installation project. Another important work of renovation is to remove all kinds of stains on the surface of stone finishes, especially cement slurry stains, which should be removed at will

In future use, Stone needs maintenance. Consumers usually wax the surface of stone to protect it. But when the wax is covered, the pores on the surface of stone will be blocked. During the second maintenance, the wax that has been attached to the surface of stone will become an obstacle for the second protective wax to penetrate into the interior of stone. At this time, the cement or adhesive between the stone and the ground will slowly "invade" due to moisture or chemical reaction The flesh of the stone causes alkali reaction and discoloration of the stone

It is reported that professional curing agent should be used to maintain the stone. The curing agent has extremely high permeability, which can penetrate 3~5cm into the stone surface, forming crystals to block the tiny pores, thus effectively protecting the internal quality of the stone

Stone has natural colors and textures, but anti-skid treatment is required before installation in the bathroom. The disadvantage is that the paving process requires high cost, and the quality determines the price. Equipment manufacturing industry boosts the benefits of stone industry

The prosperity of the stone manufacturing industry has led to the expansion and continuous prosperity of the stone equipment manufacturing industry. Especially in recent years, with the development of the construction and decoration industries, the demand for various types and specifications of stone products has increased rapidly, which has greatly promoted the development of stone processing machinery and stone processing tools. The price competition and shorter delivery time of construction engineering and memorial engineering force the production methods of natural stone processing industry to continue to be rationalized, and accordingly, the mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises constantly optimize their products

Based on the introduction and absorption of foreign advanced equipment and manufacturing technology, China's stone processing machinery and tool industry has been able to provide the whole industry with series and various grades of production equipment and tools, laying the foundation for the healthy and rapid development of the industry. Especially in recent years, through imitation innovation, integrated innovation and independent research and development, domestic stone processing machinery and equipment have developed rapidly. The performance and quality of traditional processing equipment such as diamond disc saw, diamond frame saw, sand saw, automatic continuous polishing machine, automatic continuous edge grinding machine, and automatic bridge cutting machine have been significantly improved, even qualitative leap. At the same time, the research and development and manufacturing level of high-end products have been greatly improved, Has achieved remarkable results

The newly emerging stone machining centers, high-pressure water jet machines, automatic carving machines and other CNC equipment can be comparable with foreign equipment, and there are also numerous stone machinery and equipment, which marks that China has since had its own stone CNC machining centers, breaking the situation that stone machining centers can only rely on imports

Today, China has been able to produce most of the stone machinery and stone tools, and the price and performance can meet the general domestic demand and have a certain number of exports. The greatest benefits of these high-quality and cheap products to the enterprise are that the production cost is greatly reduced, the production efficiency is greatly improved, the labor intensity of the front-line employees is greatly reduced, the product types are diversified, the comprehensive economic benefit index of the enterprise is constantly rising, and the enterprise's competitive strength is greatly enhanced. In short, new equipment and new tools bring a good recipe for sustainable development to enterprises and a magic weapon to overcome the "enemy"


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