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Advantages of artificial stone

Release time:2023-03-01 17:12:02

Advantages of artificial quartz

(1) High temperature resistance, no deformation, no warping and no cracking on the surface: because the ore used in this product has a melting point of 1300 degrees, and then is pressed under high pressure after vacuum and shock, it is extremely high temperature resistant. It will not melt or crack when the hot pot touches its surface instantaneously, nor will it be damaged by hot water or oil splashed from the pot. However, it does not mean that high-temperature objects can be placed on the stone surface for a long time, which will cause problems due to changes in the physical properties of the stone itself

(2) True stone surface feeling/texture, not plastic resin feeling: people often like the texture of natural stone, but have to "bear pain to give up" because of its obvious defects such as high water absorption, easy pollution, radioactivity, large plate easy to break, but are not satisfied with the feel of resin-acrylic artificial stone. Quartz stone can take advantage of both natural stone and resin-acrylic artificial stone

(3) The appearance of quartz stone has the beauty of natural texture style, many of which contain three colors, so the surface color is rich and vivid, and dazzling and shiny: there are more than 20 varieties of this product to choose from, and every year, new fashion varieties will be launched to keep up with the consumer trend

(4) Morse hardness is extremely high (6 - 7 degrees), highly scratch resistant and wear resistant: iron tools such as shovels, wallpaper knives and steel balls can not easily scratch and wear them, which is an incomparable advantage of any tabletop material on the market at present

(5) Antibacterial principle: the surface layer of the surface material and the internal structure of the material are also dense and uniform, without pores and cracks. In addition, a certain amount of antibacterial agent is built in, so it is safe and clean, and beneficial to food hygiene and human health. Unlike the natural stone surface adhesive waterproof layer and wax layer, which are "exposed" after being worn, the pores or gaps on the original surface of the stone begin to absorb food residues and leaked liquid waste and breed bacteria and mold. Poor quality synthetic resin acrylic will also occur due to insufficient material density and too loose

(6) It has strong stain resistance and does not penetrate into stains: oil, sauce, vinegar, tea, juice, coffee, alcohol, acid, alkali and other substances used in general kitchen will not penetrate

(7) The surface material is non-radioactive and belongs to green environmental protection products: because quartz crystal ore is one of the most abundant inorganic materials in the world, its mining, use, processing and disposal will not cause adverse effects on human body and the environment, and in addition, the only radioactive elements such as heavy metals with slight content will be removed in the production process, so direct contact with food and human body will not have negative effects

(8) Strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance: this product is more resistant to acid and alkali corrosion than general synthetic resin acrylic artificial stone, so as to avoid aging and prolong service life

(9) Extremely strong water permeability resistance and high flame retardancy: dense and non-porous, water absorption rate is almost zero (0.03%), but it is not easy to burn due to the special material structure in the material, which can be said to be inviolable by water and fire

(10) The color of the surface material is consistent, without fading and discoloration: the automatic control equipment throughout the process makes the product highly unified, and will not fade and discolor due to oxidation and other reasons

(11) It is easy to clean, maintain and take care of, and it is always fresh: it can be cleaned with ordinary detergent and clean water, and it is as bright as new after simple cleaning

(12) Precise processing in the factory, little dust on site installation, and no need to pollute the home environment due to surface polishing and polishing: because the processing of the product requires high equipment and technology requirements, the company generally requires that the processing process of the product be completed in the factory as far as possible, and only simple assembly and connection are required during installation, and at most, only the contact surface at the irregular wall is cut in a very small range, In this way, the customer's home environment is kept as clean as possible

(13) The material is high in toughness and not easy to break: the product has high strength glue and resin components, and has strong elasticity, so it is not as brittle as natural stone with sandy structure

(14) Strong durability, one investment for permanent use, and the magic of once and for all: this product has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties, which can make users no longer worry about the trouble and inconvenience caused by repeated maintenance after purchase

Disadvantages of common artificial stone

(1) It is not resistant to high temperature, easy to deform, warp and break in case of high temperature or thermal expansion and contraction

(2) Plastic resin surface feeling, lacking the natural beauty of stone

(3) The surface is easy to scratch and has low wear resistance

(4) During processing, installation and maintenance, electrostatic fibrous dust is diffuse, affecting human health and polluting the entire indoor environment

(5) Sometimes there is color difference, easy to fade and discolor

(6) Poor stain resistance to strong acid, oil, tea, coffee, etc

(7) Easily corroded, oxidized and aged

(8) The after-sales repair rate is high, and many complaints cause disputes between businesses and customers, which to some extent affects the credibility of businesses and the industry

Characteristics of quartz

Quartz stone is a super-hard environment-friendly composite material produced by the most advanced technology in the world. It is composed of 93% natural quartz and 7% mineral pigment. Resin and other additives. The excellent performance of quartz stone is that it greatly increases the hardness, strength and wear resistance of artificial stone, and it is not easy to scratch in the process of use, and its acid-base resistance, high temperature resistance and impact resistance are further strengthened

In particular, the application of nanotechnology forms the surface structure of lotus leaves, which greatly improves their antifouling and antibacterial ability. It is not easy to scratch during use, and its resistance to acid and alkali, high temperature and impact has been further strengthened. The processing method is the same as that of ordinary artificial stone, but special equipment is required. Due to the use of a series of new technologies, new materials and new processes, quartz stone has a wider range of applications. In addition to the normal kitchen counter tops, it can also be used for the floors and walls of hotels and hotels, which can better meet the needs of fashion life

1. Surface: The super-hard environment-friendly composite material produced by the world's most advanced technology is composed of natural quartz, mineral pigment, resin and other additives, so that its appearance is similar to natural granite, and its color is rich and colorful. Vacuum synthesis, dense and non-porous super-hard surface, whether it is glossy texture or impervious to various liquid substances, its antifouling ability is unmatched by other artificial stones and natural stones

2. Cost-performance ratio: In addition to its material value, processing value and service value, the value of a commodity also has its added value. Its excellent quality is not only reflected in its physical and chemical properties, but also its health, environmental protection, ease of use (easy to clean, maintenance-free) and its rich color are all worthy of your comprehensive consideration. And its service life is incomparable with ordinary natural stone and artificial stone. Therefore, considering the cost performance, it is undoubtedly your wisest choice.

3. Impossible to scratch: the surface hardness of quartz stone is higher than that of ordinary iron tools, which means that iron tools used in families are not easy to scratch and wear. Please don't underestimate the problem of scratches. Every scratch is the soil where bacteria live. No scratch is not only a sign of beauty, but also a sign of health. Therefore, we propose that the after-sales service is better than the after-sales service, to warn customers that the best quality is no after-sales service

4. Anti-pollution: quartz stone contains a variety of composite materials and ultra-fine quartz powder, which ensure that the material has a high level of microporous structure. The average water absorption rate is only 0.03%, which means that the material has basically no penetration phenomenon. As long as the table top is cleaned with clean water or neutral detergent after each use without leaving any traces of liquid, stubborn residues (such as tea dirt) can be removed with detergent only, and will not penetrate into the inside of the material. The dirt stuck on the table top and in the dead corner can also be removed with a knife shovel or a steel ball, which other materials cannot bear

5. High temperature resistance: the basic material of quartz stone is mainly quartz, and quartz itself is a material with high melting point (melting point up to 1300 ° c), so it has quite high resistance to burn, and is the best temperature resistance material except stainless steel on the market at present

6. Non-toxic and non-radiative: The color of quartz stone is mainly formed by mineral pigments, and the radioactivity of natural stone is a topic of concern. Quartz stone is granular before artificial compounding. After strict beneficiation, ore washing and impurity removal and purification, it does not contain heavy metal impurities, so there is no heavy metal problem. It has non-toxic and non-radiative characteristics that ordinary decorative materials do not have

7. Acid and alkali resistance: Quartz stone has excellent acid and alkali resistance, and its corrosion resistance is the best among the existing countertops. The common acid and alkali in life are not enough to damage the countertops

8. Anti aging: Quartz stone contains high-quality composite agent and high-quality anti-aging additive, which makes it have strong anti-aging ability. Under normal temperature, we can hardly see the aging phenomenon of materials

9. Anti-fading: Although a large number of components of quartz stone are prepared manually, its pigments are mainly mineral pigments, with high anti-fading ability. It is difficult to observe the color changes with the naked eye without year-round contrast irradiation under strong sunlight, and can be basically considered as non-fading materials. Quartz stone is a new technology artificial stone synthesized from fine quartz stone. Its manufacturing process is produced by a set of the most advanced and patented BRETONESTONE SYSTEM system. The product is wrapped with more than 90% natural quartz or granite, and then mixed with an ultra-high performance resin and special pigment. Its main material is quartz. The quartz stone has no radiation and high hardness, which makes the quartz stone tabletop scratch resistant (Mohs hardness 7), stain resistant (vacuum manufacturing, compact and non-porous), scald resistant (quartz material. It can withstand 1300 ℃), use durable (30 polishing processes without maintenance), non-toxic and non-radiation (NSF certification, free of heavy metals, and can be directly contacted with food)

Characteristics of quartz stone and reasons for its characteristics

1. Unable to scratch

The quartz content of quartz stone is as high as 94%. The quartz crystal is the natural mineral with the hardness second only to diamond in nature. Its surface hardness can be as high as 7.5 Mohs hardness, which is far greater than the sharp tools used in the kitchen, such as knives and shovels, and will not be scratched by it.

2. Dirtiness

Quartz stone is a dense, non-porous composite material made under vacuum. Its quartz surface has excellent corrosion resistance to acid and alkali in the kitchen. The liquid substances used in daily use will not penetrate its interior. The liquid placed on the surface for a long time only needs to be wiped with clean water or clean and bright detergent with a cloth. If necessary, the residue on the surface can be scraped off with a blade

3. Not old

The shiny and bright surface of quartz stone is subject to more than 30 complex polishing processes, which will not be scratched by knives and shovels, will not be penetrated by liquid substances, and will not cause yellowing and discoloration. Daily cleaning only needs to be washed with water, which is simple and easy. Even after a long time of use, its surface is as bright as the newly installed table top, without maintenance.

4. Incombustible

Natural quartz crystal is a typical refractory material with a melting point of more than 1300 degrees. The quartz stone made of 94% natural quartz is completely flame retardant and will not burn due to contact with high temperature. It also has high temperature resistance characteristics that cannot be compared with artificial stone and other countertops

5. Non-toxic and radiation-free

The surface of quartz stone is smooth, flat, and free of traces. The dense and non-porous material structure makes bacteria nowhere to hide. The material manufacturing has passed the NSF certification of the United States, and it can be directly contacted with food, completely non-toxic

Quartz stone is selected from natural quartz crystal minerals, with the SiO2 content of more than 99.9%, and is purified during the manufacturing process. The raw material does not contain any heavy metal impurities that may cause radiation. 94% of quartz crystal and other resin additives make the quartz stone free from radiation pollution

Development history of quartz stone technology

Quartz stone was invented and created by Italy's Bridgetone Company. First of all, it developed from the raw material to the current third-generation sheet production line

Standard for identifying quartz stone

At present, the standard of quartz stone is still a blank in the domestic stone industry, and all testing institutions can only refer to the standard of natural stone for testing, so the indicators of quartz stone have exceeded the standard of natural stone. However, the international standards in this regard are still the American ASTM standards. According to the testing of quartz stone abroad, the following technical indicators are listed for quartz stone as the identification standard

1. Hardness: the Mohs hardness of the surface is 7. The simple test method is to use iron sharp objects to squeeze and observe the condition of the damage point, and there is no scratch

2. Density: 2.37-2.5

3. High temperature resistance: 300 ℃. Place a stainless steel cup filled with boiling water on the table for 30 minutes without discoloration. Or put the burning cigarette tip on the quartz stone without discoloration

4. Stain resistance: drip soy sauce, vinegar and coffee on the quartz stone, wipe it with detergent water after 24 hours, and observe that it does not change color

5. Environmental protection: can provide the green environmental protection certification tested by the authority

6. Fire resistance: 10 mm × 30mm quartz strips can't be burned on the open fire

7. Acid and alkali resistance: use 3% hydrochloric acid solution or 100g/L citric acid solution, 30g/L sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide solution to etch the surface without obvious visible change

8. Water absorption: less than 0.04%, sprinkle a little water on the surface of quartz stone for 24 hours, and observe whether the color is white.

9. Bending strength: the standard is SN/T0308-1993, and the test results of Beflon quartz stone are 40Mpa in dry state and 44Mpa in wet state

10. Compressive strength: the standard is SN/T0308-1993, and the test results of Beflon quartz are 196Mpa in dry state and 192Mpa in wet state.

11. Thermal expansion: the standard is SN/T17748-1999, and the test result of Beflon quartz is 0.18 × 10-4㎝/㎝℃

12. Radioactivity limit index (no radiation): internal and external exposure index conforms to GB6566-2001. The test result of Befron quartz stone is internal exposure index 0.02, external exposure index 0.03

13. Luminance: use a light meter to detect more than 60 degrees

14. Appearance: clear and not muddy. Uniform color. Flatness: within 3000 mm ± 0.5 mm; Thickness: 12 mm plate ± 0.5 mm, 15 mm plate ± 1 mm, 20 mm plate ± 1.5 mm


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