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Antique polishing machine

Antique surface polishing machine: HRAP/7+1


Inspection the slabs outline automatically, and the complete process is controlled automatically.

Working principle:

Impacting the slab surface through high pressure water (or with sand), and make the slab with

irregular uneven surface; then the grinding brusher with rough grit will remove the burring, and the

brusher with fine grit will polish the slab along with the irregular trace, make the slab with variety of

antique styles & artistic styles.

Main technical parameter

1 Max working dimension (mm): 1650*3000

2 Min working dimension (mm): 600*600

3 Outer dimension (mm): 8000*5000(L * W)

4 Total power (kw): 70

5 Total weight (kg): 8800

6 Compressor air (Mpa): ≥0.6

7 Max water pressure: 400bar

Equipment configuration

l With 7 sets of polishing head, power: 7.5kw/set.

l With 1 set of high pressure water spraying system, power: 18.5kw.


With 1 set of polishing tools.

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