Calibrating machine 4+3

Calibrating Machine MEZE1650/4R+3C
Used for calibrating the slab thickness;
Equipped with 4 calibrating roller type heads, each power is 22KW;
Equipped with 2 edge grinding spindles, each power is 3.5KW;
Equipped with 3 radial grinding heads, each power is 22KW;
Conveying of slabs is controlled by cycloidal pinwheel reducer with frequency converter, driving power: 3KW.
[Main Specification]
Installed power:              149.00KW;
Working width:               600~1650mm;
Working thickness:           10~40mm;
Water consumption:          about 300 L/min; 
Weight:                     about 18Tons/unit;   
Approximated dimensions:    8,000×3,000×2,200mm(L×W×H);

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