• Samll fast mixer

    Small fast mixer (100kg capacity) [Function] Used for stirring of the resin and color with hardener and coupling agent, it is only for one pieces slab use per time. [Main Specification] Installed power: 4.00KW . Mixing capacity: 100kgs/time;

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  • Resin mixing tank system(2000/2500Kg)

    Resin Mixer (2000/2500kgcapacity) [Function] Resin mixing tank system 2500kg The capacity is 2500kg of resin and pigment; it is enough for one color for one full day’s production requirement. [Main Specification] Power: 11.00KW Mixing capacity: 2000/2500kgs/time.

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  • Mixer(500/600/800kg)

    [Function] Used for stirring of the prepared grain materials, quartz powder, resin and color together, it is only for one pieces slab use per time. Used special smooth material for inner lining, easy for cleaning, long use-life. [Main Specification] Mixing Capacity: 500/600/800kg/time Installed power: 17.20KW; Mixing cycle: 6mins; ​

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