• G4 Press

    Automatic vacuum press [Function] Model Total Power (kw) Vibrator QTY. (pcs) Single Vibrator Power (kw) Static Pressure (ton) Dynamic Pressure (ton) Vibration Time (min) Slab Thickness (mm) Resin Proportion (%) Max. Slab Size (mm) (L×W) Weight (ton) 4th 132 8 11 70 166 2~4 8--35 7.5~11 3250×1650 48 3th 112.5 8 11 60 148 3--6 8--35 9~12.5 3250×1650 42 2th 108.5 8 11 55 127 3--6 8--35 9.5~14 3250×1650 35 The 4th generation quartz stone press supplied by HEMEZE, with high performance and large improvement in all respects: 1.Much more powerful vibration, much more efficient, and much larger output; 2.The proportion for resin is much lower; 3.Optimal design, running much more stably, and EER is much more higher; 4.Adopt touch screen, much more intuitive and simple; 5.Vacuum extraction time: the vacuum degree can reach -0.1Mpa within 30 seconds.

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  • G3 Press

    The 3th generation quartz stone press supplied by HEMEZE, on the base of 2th generation press,improved the fundation and use the belt convey, got more pressure.

    2011-10-10       More>>
  • G2 Press

    HR-MEZE the second generation of artificial quartz press, In 2007 on the market today, has been running 6 years old, stable operation, high performance-to-price ratio, is favored by customers

    2009-10-09       More>>
  • G2 Press(With the double-layar heating solidfying cainet)

    Equipped with main mechanism, automatic press loading system, hydraulic device and PLC auto-control equipment; It can work full automatically or manually, working thickness of the slab could be changed from 10mm to 35mm without replacing any models. As the vacuum space adopted in this system is considerable small, time to vacuumize its space would be decreased greatly which means high production efficiency and also cost saving (it takes about 30 seconds to reach about -0.1MPa). Adopted the newest synchronization technology of the vibrators, and Steel Spring to reduce shake, it also gives a great pressing performance. Total power: ≤100KW;

    2009-09-27       More>>
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