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The whole line service commitments:
Provide quartz factory management structure, Personnel post configuration, the appraisal program for customs pre-sales
Provide plant construction drawing, foundation drawing, Water, Electric, Gas technical indicators, Water, Electric, Gas location layout for customs pre-sales
Provide technical training for one month, come to Technology research and development center, To master frontline quartz production knowledge for customs pre-sales

Provide raw materials testing standards and acceptance criteria for customs after-sales
Provide how to select the most appropriate quartz raw materials for customs after-sales
Ensure the quality of quartz products by raw material 
Provide technical training to customs’ on-site staff after-sales

Provide 25 designs during the equipment debugging
Help customers to install and maintenance of quartz
To assist developing quartz stone market analysis for customs 
Provide quartz technology guidance for customs whole life long
Provides the latest products market for customs whole life long
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