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Foshan huirui import and export co., LTD was founded in 2006, which is an enterprise integrating industry and trade, technology and trade, import and export.Mainly around the production of artificial quartz SLATE to provide whole line engineering equipment and technical process services, is the artificial quartz SLATE equipment and technical process service benchmarking enterprise.

The company is committed to the development and research of artificial quartz stone equipment, and the improvement of production technology.Customers all over the world, such as: Vietnam, India, Iran, Turkey, Brazil and other countries.In 2007, it created China's first export of artificial quartz stone whole line equipment;In 2016, it successfully developed the world's largest 2x3.5 oversize plate machine, which has been used by 14 customers so far.By the end of 2018, there were 28 whole lines of artificial quartz stone in operation in the Indian market, accounting for more than half of the Indian market.

2019 the company launched the latest inorganic quartz stone project, breaking the foreign technology monopoly.

The company cooperates with famous universities and has a strong scientific research team backing.Planning, design, construction, installation and trial production for customers...And so on, many projects are based on the "turnkey project" approach.

Integrity, rapid, in place, the pursuit of customer satisfaction is our forever pursuit of the goal.

Integrity, fast, and reach the designated position, the pursuit of customer most satisfaction is our forever pursue goal.

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