The Market situation of ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONE

Time: 2012-01-17 16:45:17     

ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONE is trending to replace natural stone.

1) ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONE has very good physical and decoration properties. ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONE. is rapidly becoming popular in developed countries especially in USA, CANADA, NORTH KOREA, SOUTH AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST, AUSTRALIA  and EUROPEAN market;

2) More and more designers prefer ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONE to natural stone because of ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONEs’ environmental property.

3) Some developing countries have plenty of quartz such as India, the production cost is lower, and marketable.

The ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONE can be used in lots of areas, for example:

1) The wall, floor, elevator door frame, bathroom wash basin of the super market, etc.;

2) The indoors wall, floor, bathroom, outdoors wall (Beijing Olympic village, China World Tower) of office building, etc.;

3) The indoors wall, outdoors wall, floor, bathroom floor, wash basin of hospital, etc.;

4) The indoors wall, floor, outdoors wall of bus station, subway, airport (such as HK, SINGAPORE, DUBAI, KUALALUMPUR MUMBAI, DELHI, HYDERABAD and ALL EUROPEAN ) ,etc..;

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