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  • Slabs loaded container

    Fork car load, wooden stock, wooden box

    2010-09-03       More>>
  • The method of engineering Installation

    •AccessoryMaterial 1、Line out the horizon baseline2、Clean up the higher part above baseline,whiles fill the lower part, so that all the ground are flat to make sure ofinstallation.3、Reference to a...

    2011-05-30       More>>
  • Performance indicators of quartz slab

    Surface flatness:≤2mm(size:3060X1480mm)Compressionstrength (Mpa): ≥90 (under dry condition);Bendingstrength (Mpa): ≥34 (under dry condition);Moh’shardness: 5~6.50 (different with various formula...

    2013-08-30       More>>
  • The maintain of quartz stone

    Avoid long time partly heating.Don’t put scalding kitchen wares directly on Guidance to Material used on Quartz surface•   AcidQuartz surface has High resistance performance ●  ...

    2013-08-30       More>>
  • Quartz stone slab surface should avoid which kind of chemicals

    Asthe raw materials for the A.Q.S are quartz sand, quartz powder, glassparticles, etc., so the normal cleanser will not damage the surface, but thequartz-glass slab contains unsaturated resin, cannot ...

    2013-08-30       More>>
  • Normal problem in quartz stone in lay-up and how to solute it

    These years, quartz stone appliedto the engineering field gradually, due to the lack of cognitive for quartz, choosethe improper bonding materials when lay-up, improper operation method, causemany def...

    2012-03-30       More>>
  • Discolor and fade

    Analysis:Discolor mainly caused by resin,pigment and hardener quality no good.Solution:1)Change to good stability resin.2)Changeto heat hardener to ensure that all hardener is fully reactionwithin the...

    2012-07-20       More>>
  • Dark scratches

    Analysis:Dark scratches mainly appear in darkcolor slab and pure color slab, it caused by not properly abrasive andpolishing speed.Solution:1)Use good quality abrasive and goodabrasive composition 2)P...

    2011-06-25       More>>
  • Thickness problem

    Analysis:Check the thickness caused frompressing line or from polishing line.Solution:1) If the thickness caused bypressing line: (a)   Checkwhether the feeding is uniformity.(b)  ...

    2011-11-10       More>>
  • Bending

    AnalysisBend caused by unreasonable formula, impropersolidification process, improper storage way of the semi-finished slab orfinished slab.Solution:1)Adopt reasonable formula2)Adjust the temperature ...

    2013-08-30       More>>
  • Rust spot

    Analysis:Rustspot is mainly caused by metal affect, it mainly appear in the white colorslab. After the resin contact with the iron, it creates a ferric compound sinkinto the resin interior and surface...

    2013-05-11       More>>
  • Watermark

    Analysis:Watermark is caused by thenonuniform motion of the raw materials and colors when ununiformity pressing .Solution:1)Adjust the pressure and vibrationfrequency properly.2)Adopt mature formula, ...

    2012-06-26       More>>
  • Crack

    Analysis1)Firstly check the crack (afterpolishing) is caused by before solidification or after solidification.2)The crack before solidification iswave shape, this problem is because the Small grain po...

    2013-06-30       More>>
  • Lump or powder ball

    AnalysisLump is caused by the improperformula (Small grain powder too much) or improper mixing. It mainly saw in the Fineseries slab.Solution:1)Adjust the powder percentage properly.2)Adjust the resin...

    2013-01-30       More>>
  • Hole

    AnalysisHolecaused by unreasonable formula, and removing the kraft paper impertinently,feeding nonuniform or mould bending also will caused hole. Solution:1). Check if the proportion of Smallgrain pow...

    2011-05-30       More>>
  • Pinhole

    Analysis:Pinhole is caused by theinsufficient vacuum degree.Solution:Below things must be followedstrictly before shift change:1)Vacuum pump cooling water cycle pumpmust be work normally.2) Hydrops in...

    2013-08-30       More>>
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