• How to improve glossy above 95?

    Using the nano chemical can improve the glossy above 95. 

    2011-08-27       More>>
  • Storing Requirement For The Finished Product

    During the manufacturing process for the quartz stoneslab, no mater what kind of solidifying equipment, the solidification of theresin only achieves 90%, and needs more than 1 months in normal conditi...

    2010-08-27       More>>
  • What’s the relation between glossy and formula?

    When the quartz grit is smaller, glossy will be lower,the glossy after polishing is about 60°When the quartz girt is larger(especially with big grit glass powder inside), glossy will be higher, thegl...

    2009-08-27       More>>
  • How to improve the polishing glossy?

    We suggest choose good quality ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONEabrasives and good combination. (we strongly suggest using HR-MEZE nominatedabrasives)Control the polishing speed according to the formula andthe...

    2009-09-11       More>>
  • How to choose polish face

    The bottom side of the slab is much flat side because itadjacent to the mould directly, and the bottom side is high density, so wechoose the bottom side for the polishing surface.

    2008-01-27       More>>
  • Deposit requirement for the solidified slab

    1) Put the solidified slabs on the “A” shelf verticallybottom to bottom when the resin is with low contraction percentage.2) We suggest lay down the solidified slab bottom tobottom when it is with h...

    2009-01-17       More>>
  • How to judge the slab after oven dry or not?

    Use the iron pipe with thickness less then 3mm toknock each area of the solidified slab lightly after it being solidified, ifthe sound is ringing, means the solidified slab quality is good; otherwise,...

    2008-09-03       More>>
  • How to control charging quality?

    HR-MEZE have developed its own mature manufacturing technique, operatinginstruction and training center. We provide Technical training to all the newoperator and we are sure the operator will achieve ...

    2011-08-11       More>>
  • How to choose pigment

    Please choose inorganic pigments as to ensure the weather fastness of theraw materials.Some organic pigments are with steady weather fastness also can be usedsuch as carbon black, bright red, etc. in ...

    2013-08-27       More>>
  • Glass quality required

    1. Glass Mirror Grain size: 5—6mesh, 6—8 mesh, 8—10 mesh, 10—16 mesh,16—30 mesh, 30—60 mesh2 Thickness Requirement Before crushing Mirror thickness should be 4-5mm, Glass should be transpar...

    2013-01-11       More>>
  • Quartz sand quality required

    The quality of raw material iseffect the slabs quality directly, so selecting the raw material is veryimportant.2.1 Quartz Powder1) Size: 325 mesh or 400 mesh2) Whiteness: 95 or>95 3)&nbs...

    2013-08-27       More>>
  • How about the rate of return of ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONE ?

    For example, annual input is 3 millions, the annualoutput at least will be 30 millions, the profit rate of quartz stone in China market is about 20%, other developingcountries such as India is about 4...

    2011-03-17       More>>
  • The Market situation of ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONE

    ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONE is trending to replace naturalstone.1) ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONE has very good physical anddecoration properties. ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONE. is rapidly becoming popular indevelo...

    2012-01-17       More>>
  • ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONE compared to marble / granite/ceramic advantages and dis advantages?

    ARITIFICIAL QUARTZ STONE is manufactured by compressingit under High vacuum,

    2012-05-24       More>>
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