• The method of engineering Installation

    •AccessoryMaterial 1、Line out the horizon baseline2、Clean up the higher part above baseline,whiles fill the lower part, so that all the ground are flat to make sure ofinstallation.3、Reference to a...

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  • Performance indicators of quartz slab

    Surface flatness:≤2mm(size:3060X1480mm)Compressionstrength (Mpa): ≥90 (under dry condition);Bendingstrength (Mpa): ≥34 (under dry condition);Moh’shardness: 5~6.50 (different with various formula...

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  • The maintain of quartz stone

    Avoid long time partly heating.Don’t put scalding kitchen wares directly on Guidance to Material used on Quartz surface•   AcidQuartz surface has High resistance performance ●  ...

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  • Quartz stone slab surface should avoid which kind of chemicals

    Asthe raw materials for the A.Q.S are quartz sand, quartz powder, glassparticles, etc., so the normal cleanser will not damage the surface, but thequartz-glass slab contains unsaturated resin, cannot ...

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  • Normal problem in quartz stone in lay-up and how to solute it

    These years, quartz stone appliedto the engineering field gradually, due to the lack of cognitive for quartz, choosethe improper bonding materials when lay-up, improper operation method, causemany def...

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